Fred and the band will be travelling West in the fall. They
start out in Ann Arbor, MI and work their way over as far as
Duncan, BC on the island. Check out all the shows on the
website schedule !


  1. Carl Gardeman says

    We would love to see you back here in the SF Bay Area. Any chance of that?

    Carl and friends

    • Mary says

      Hi Carl,
      Possibly in 2017 – not quite sure yet of the schedule. Please
      keep an eye on the schedule on the website.
      Thanks for checking in!

  2. Aaron Cohen says

    I just found out about the following film! Fantastic! I can’t wait for you all to be back in the Pacific Northwest:)
    Keep truckin!
    Loyal fan

    • Mary says

      Hi Kathy,
      Nothing booked yet for Spokane but please keep checking Fred’s
      Thanks for asking.

  3. TJ says

    Looking forward to seeing Fred and the rest of the gang back here in VA sometime!!! Would love to see you at the Birchmere, or Ashland Coffee & Tea again!!!

  4. Winnie says

    Was thrilled to see you in Bellingham, Washington last year, please come back to Bellingham if you can, would be great to see you again. Will try to come up to Vancouver. Thanks for everything.

    • Mary says

      Hi Cathy,
      I don’t think so. Not sure at the moment when the band will be
      out that way. Thanks for asking.

  5. Melvo says

    Sure would like you all do a gig in the THUMB of Michigan, beans, beets and great Huron, lots of good places up and down the Thumb, Brown City,Melvin, Croswell,Harbor Beach, Port Austin, Pigeon, Argyle, Sandusky New Greenleaf, Snover, White Rock, Port Hope, Grindstone City, Jeddo, Fago, Bach, Bad Axe, Ruby, Yale of course Port Huron. Hop on 402 west(Sarnia) come on over. Hope to see and hear you soon..

  6. Cary says

    We miss you out here in Colorado. Might have stash of ‘grease’ for the bus. And my neighbor has a small motor museum in his sheds out back. Old feller has some engines, a running STEAM engine with forward and reverse motion valves, HOT AIR engies,8cycle from 1903,all kinds of neat history/knowledge with flywheels on the side. You might think about a day off around Denver and go take a lookie.
    I don’t know…
    SMALL MOTORS part 2????
    Also would like to buy a painting.

    • Mary says

      Thanks for the invitation Cary – we’ll keep that in mind 🙂

      Did you have a painting in mind that you would like to buy?

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