Timmermans Ranch

FRED EAGLESMITH & THE NEW BAND will be performing at Timmermans Ranch on July 15th.
For details about the show and the rodeo check out www.NorfolkRamRodeo.com


      • Steve says

        I know Fred is not planning any tours in the near future, but please tell him he is still missed by his fans! When he decides to hit the road again, please come back to Virginia. I miss my annual Fred Fix!

        • Mary says

          Hi Steve,
          Thank you for your kind email. I will let Fred know not to skip Virginia if he goes back out on the road.
          Take care.

          • Sandra Johnson says

            We have a great venue in our home town of Elkin, NC- The Reeves Theater. We would love to see Fred if he ever comes this way.

          • Mary says

            Hi Sandra,
            Thanks so much for your email. Will keep the venue in mind…
            Take care.

        • Susan Katzell says

          i like trains – central alberta would like him to come back to stagecoach inn rocky clearwater

          • Mary says

            Hi Susan,
            Thanks for your note. Not sure when Fred will be out your way…

            Take care.

        • Jan says

          I think it’s high time Fred comes back to The Paradiso Amsterdam. His Dutch fans miss him terribly.

          • Mary says

            Hi Jan,
            Thanks for your comment. We will keep it in mind 🙂 I’ll let Fred know.
            Take care.

          • Jos Westenberg says

            I second (and third and fourth) that…. Hope Fred and Tif are doing well but we would love seeing them again.

  1. mike says

    So great to see that Fred’s playing again. Hopefully he’ll be able to make a swing through Massachusetts!

    • Mary says

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your note. I’m not sure that Fred is ready to go back on the road quite yet. He is excited about the show
      at the Ranch though.
      Take care.

      • Peter Masters says

        Peter Masters here, my brother Bill organized some concerts for Fred in the past.
        I was hoping to do the same!
        Is Fred coming to Alberta anytime soon.
        Oil is over $100 again as I know Fred always commented he Albertans were a little careless with money at these times!
        Hoping he’s coming our way!!!

        • Mary says

          Hi Peter,
          Thanks for your email. Fred doesn’t have any plans at the moment to be heading out West.
          Thanks for checking in though.
          Take care.

  2. Glenn&Deb Sommerfield says

    Hoping that Fred and Tiff are well?
    We miss them on the stage in Texas!
    Glenn&Deb/Terramar Beach 🏖️ Galveston.

    • Mary says

      Hi Glenn & Deb,
      Thanks for your email. Fred and Tif are well – working away in their studio.
      Take care.

  3. Tim Markus says

    Glad to hear Fred and Tiff will be performing again! We’re looking forward to a new album and at some point down the road (figuratively AND literally) a US tour! Be well! Tim–Olympia, Wash.

  4. Patrick Hulley says

    Mary…Patrick Hulley dropping a line, not sure if you or Fred will remember me or not but please pass on a hello and my best to Fred. Thanks

    • Mary says

      Hi Patrick,
      Of course I remember you ! Thanks so much for checking in. I will pass on your greetings to Fred for sure.
      Take care.

  5. Jesse Renfrew says

    Missing Fred so much here in upstate NY. Tell my friend Fred the guy in the backwards hat that gave him the folley of the plow book says hello. He can come down and play for us anytime just across lake Ontario…big love!

    • Mary says

      Hi Tommy,
      Sorry I missed your note….We weren’t running the show so I wasn’t sure how they were handling payments.
      Hope you were able to attend.
      Take care.

  6. Dwayne says

    Hey so there’s honesty no place we’d rather be then front row to see Fred and Tiff play tonight! I’m a small business owner and live in Newfoundland so attending this once in a lifetime show was basically impossible……I tried thinking of a way but closing my business was just not a option for my family! So instead of attending myself and my whole family would like to wish both Fred and Tiff the absolute best for tonight’s show and without a doubt they will smash it! They say good things come to those who wait …..one of these days we’ll be there to cheer you guys on! We listen to Fred and Tiff every day ….thank you so much for the unique style of honest heartfelt music you just can’t find anywhere else! Best wishes from myself and your buddy’s River and Cash! 🤠👍

    • Mary says

      Hi River and Cash,
      Thank you so much for your email. Totally understandable that you couldn’t shut down your business and come to the show.
      It was a great show – the New Band is awesome.
      Take care.

    • Mary says

      Hi Ron,
      This is the new band:
      T.J. Coaltrain on keys, Andy Dmytryshyn on electric guitar, Chris Altman on pedal steel, fiddle and banjo,
      Liam Brown on Bass, Costa Chatzis on drums and Davis Francis Maxwell did sound and production. And of course
      Fred and Tif…
      Take care.

  7. Yako says

    I’m looking forward to seeing Fred and Tif again at some point. When they hit western Canada I’ll be booking them for a show in Saskatchewan. I’ve been dreaming of it for years.

    • Mary says

      Thank you for your email. Not sure when Fred and Tif will be headed out West again…
      Take care.

  8. says

    Can’t wait to see Fred and Tif play the States again! Fred, you are, bar none, the best singer/songwriter ever! We need you down here! Thanks tho for posting songs online — has helped me a lot, as I strive to write songs myself. Would love to see you play again at Caffe Lena, or one of the other lovely venues here around Saratoga (closer to me) and Albany, NY. I know the last 2 years have sucked, but please come out and play! We all have to try and be “normal” again!! 🙂
    Mel/The Bluebillies ~ <3

  9. says

    p.s. and I can’t believe we missed yet another Charity Picnic! We’d love to come to one. Have to plan how to get to Canada!! 🙂 Maybe next year!
    Mel/The Bluebillies ~

    • Mary says

      Hi Melody,
      Thank you for your kind note. Not sure when Fred and Tif will be touring again…
      We have actually retired the Charity Picnic – we ran it for 26 years and it was just time. Sorry you weren’t
      able to attend one.
      Take care.

  10. Jennifer Maynard says

    My mother and I went on some Roots trips and Fred Fests in Texas. I lost her to a very sudden and aggressive battle with cancer a year ago. I live in Arkansas but am keeping the ranch in Texas. Unfortunately, I lost my enthusiasm for live music when a close friend (also a Fred head) died in 2011. Fucking cancer.
    I was a Ginn Sisters fan completely aside from being a Fred Head. A relative is staying in the guest room at the ranch but should Fred and Tiff ever decide they’d like a get away or change of scenery, please let me know. My relatives are mainstream country fans so wouldn’t bother them and there’s a ‘71 Chevy in the shop they could cruise around in.
    I’m really looking for a reason not to sell it. I get at least one letter or call a week from dallasites wanting to buy. It’s not even the house I grew up in but it’s ridiculously sentimental. There’s a Caddo mound on the property.
    It’s late on a Sunday, I have two friends receiving hospice care and just feeling melancholy, missing my mom and googled to see if they were touring. I know it’s unlikely they’d be interested and it’s a long way, but I also think it’s something that my mom would like. Fred’s music and the Roots trips helped her through my brother’s death more than he’ll ever know. And she thought the Ginn girls kicked ass.

    • Mary says

      Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you so much for your kind email. I am so sorry for the losses in your life – that’s so tough. I can totally
      understand why you would be feeling melancholy…

      Not sure when ( if ) Fred and Tif will be touring again…

      Take care of yourself.

  11. A says

    Listening to Dusty today, seems to me like a perfect record, puts a lump in the throat and a tear in the eye. Thought I’d check in to see if a tour is in sight….. well we’ll be patient and listen to Alive in the meantime. Really looking forward to hearing Fred and Tiff with a backing band again, coming back with a bang.

  12. Nick says

    So many fans in central Illinois around the Springfield, Clinton, and Heyworth areas. Your music really touches our hearts. I’m in two bands and we love to cover your songs. You’re gem stones, Fred and Tif. Love having you be a part of my life in your wonderful musical way. Thank you

  13. Jay fisher says

    How will I find out where, and when Fred will be playing?
    Jay Fisher

    Loved the new band at the rodeo.

    • Mary says

      Hi Jay,
      Nice to hear from you ! Glad you liked the new band. Fred doesn’t have any shows booked at the moment.
      If he does have a gig I will post it on the website. You can always check in with me from time to time if
      you like.
      Take care.


    Hi Mary,
    I was hoping to see Fred and Tif’s name on the Delbert Cruise. Still hoping. I met Fred on that cruise years ago. I’m the one who built that crazy heavy copper guitar case. Is it still holding together? Still hoping. A lot of hoping going on here. Tell Fred and Tif hello from us.
    Larry and Linda Baker

    • Mary says

      Hi Larry & Linda,
      Thanks so much for emailing. The copper guitar case is still holding up well 🙂
      Take care.

  15. Greg Moore says

    Hi Mary,
    Do you know if Fred and Tiff have any plans to come to Texas for part of the winter? Would so love to see them playing in the central Texas area soon!

    • Mary says

      Hi Greg,
      Thanks for checking in. Right now Fred and Tif don’t have any plans for touring. If things change,
      I will let you know.
      Take care.

      • Gaylon says

        Hey Mary, this is Gaylon. You know that I am technologically stupid. I have stumbled onto this message stuff which evidently has several Fred fans just like me.
        I would like to have their contact information so that I can talk with them.

  16. Paul Greenley says

    So after years of living in Northern California and having to cross my fingers and hoping that Fred and entourage would make a annual trip to the wild western shores of Anerica I was so excited to have recently made the move to northern Michigan thinking that one of the great benefits of the move would be the closer proximity to the area you regular tour and the greater access to more than the one or two shows a year I have managed to squeeze in.

    Fred, If you are flirting with retirement I would understand completely as I’m about a year younger than you and I struggle to muster the energy to get off my ass and let the dog out to take a pee.
    But if that is in fact the path you choose to take I’d just like you to know that I’m so grateful to have witnessed the last 15 years of your career.
    Best of luck to you and yours regardless of your decision but my fingers remain crossed that this just a prolonged hiatus.


    • Mary says

      Hi Paul,
      Thank you so much for your kind email and being so understanding. I can’t really say if Fred’s hiatus will be permanent or not.
      Take care.

  17. Donnie Courville says

    Hey Mary,

    Tell Fred I love him and that it hurts a bit that I may never see a live show again….but that i get it. I’m eternally greatful for the impact he has had on my love of music and especially from the masses of friends I have becuase of the connections I’ve made through the band and other fans of his. If I could ever be there for him, you, and anyone else in the circle, yall know how to find me.

    I’ll be there damit…in a heart beat.


    • Mary says

      Hi Donnie,
      So great to hear from you ! Thank you so much for your kind email. The Courville family has always had a special
      place in our hearts.

      I hope you and your family are all doing well. Please say hi to them from me.
      Take care.

    • Mary says

      Hey Donnie,
      I passed on your message to Fred. He asked me to tell you that you’re the best ! And he will be in Texas this winter and
      will try and see you then once they are settled in.


  18. Margy says

    We miss you in CT, Fred! Had a picture pop up on Facebook from a show 13 years ago. Hope you & Tiff are doing well & hopefully we’ll be able to see you when you are ready to get back out on the road.

  19. Norm Grinstead says

    Norm& Luanne. We had a cafe in Seaside Or. ,Fred played there more than once in the 90 s, a very special time indeed! I made a joke to him about misunderstood lyrics once,he replied ,” that’s why I am up here singing and you are running a coffee house”. I never got the chance to tell him, I was a life long musician,and a writer of a many songs. There was one from 1970 that friends put on a great bluegrass album “ Just a country song” , the band was Whitewater from Idaho. So ha ha Fred! Last saw him in Ann Arbor Mi 2005, last time I heard Willie. What great memories we have, sorry we don’t have any live recordings,there were some really perfect shows! Would love to see you if ever in Oregon,look us up! Much love to you Fred from Norm & Luanne

  20. Dwayne says

    Hey so we just wanted to wish Fred and Tiff the very best in the new year! As huge fan’s of your music we hope to hear from you in the near future 🤞

    Cash, River and Dwayne

  21. Jeff says

    Hi Fred,

    I’m a mentally, physically and emotionally damaged Indigenous American combat veteran. Everyday is a struggle it seems. I found your music years ago and it helps me heal. 05-07 was really touch and go for me and your words help save me from myself.

    Battling cancer now and really hope to get to see you live one day if you decide to tour, even in Ontario only as I’m in Michigan and would make the trip.

    • Mary says

      Hi Jeff,
      So sorry to hear about your suffering – my heart goes out to you. I’m so glad that Fred’s music is able to help you.
      I wish you all the best with your battle against your cancer. Just wondering…do you have Fred’s last CD – the live recording
      called Alive. If you don’t have it I’d like to send it to you as a gift. Just let me know ok.
      Take care Jeff.

  22. Val says

    Like everybody else I love Fred and Tiff, and was so bummed to come here and find them “untoured” for the time being.

    What I did not expect to find is someone like Mary keeping it real.

    Mary, your kind and genuine responses are a powerful example of the good in this world.

    I hope everyone stays well in the new year !

    • Mary says

      Awww….you are so sweet. Thank you so much for your kind words. That warms my heart. The world needs
      all the good it can get right now 🙂

      Hope you stay well too.

  23. Justin Wells says

    Hi Mary,

    Hope you’re doing well. Hope you, Fred and Tif are having a great 2023 so far. Was lucky enough to see Fred last year at Timmermans Ranch for the Rodeo. I’m one of the old guys Fred sings about so often. Any chance of a repeat at the Rodeo this year. If not, I’m so grateful for the 1 chance I got to see Fred and the band live. All the best Mary. You rock.

    • Mary says

      Hi Justin,
      Glad you were able to catch the show at the Rodeo last summer. Not sure if Fred and Tif will be there again
      this summer.
      Thanks so much for your email and your kind words.
      Take care.

  24. Lionel says

    Hi Mary,

    I know that I’m not alone when I say how Fred and Tif hold a special place in the hearts and minds of a busted, yearning, hopeful, rough & tumble troop. Please send our love and respect—and let us all know if any opportunity to share another moment of song in the months and years ahead comes about.

    All the best—stay strong, keep on lovin’!

    • Mary says

      Hi Lionel,
      Thank you so much for your kind email. Not sure when Fred and Tif will be touring again…

      Take care.

  25. JS says

    Fred / Tif

    I hope you’re both doing well. This year has been a struggle for me and my heart has been heavy. Your music has been a familiar friend when I needed one. I hope to hear you both play again soon.

    • Mary says

      I’m sorry to hear that your heart has been heavy. I hope things improve for you soon.
      Glad the music has been good for you.
      Take care.

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