Holy Cow!

After being on the road since January 3rd, the band is finally home! Since we’ve been just about everywhere (at least it feels like it), if anyone has any pictures I could post, can you send them to me please!?! We had great times all over the place, so hopefully someone captured a moment or two!
Can’t wait to see what’s out there, so I will thank you in advance for the pictures, and thanks to everyone for all the great times!
See you soon!


  1. says

    At “the old feed store” website in Cobden, IL there are 40 great photos of your show with Tiff. I am sure they would share them. We had a great time, and it was a great show!

    A possible song from the “old feed store/mill”

    When the lights went out at the old feed store,
    we started drinking that guy’s homemade wine
    his friends call it “red lightning”….

    I am the guy who purchased your two LPs. They are wonderful. Tambourine is one of your best. Please let Tiff know that we like her CD a lot.

  2. jim says

    How far west you coming this year? Have not seen you in BC for a few years..

    How far do I have to drive to see a show?

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