Grand Ole Opry Debut

Fred and Tif will be performing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville this
weekend – Sat Oct 19th – two performances at 7:15 PM and 9:45 PM.


  1. Al Morris says

    It’s about time. You make The Civil Wars (Duo) look like a lounge act. Good luck! It’s your time!

  2. Gary Crawford says

    I just listened to your Opry debut. You and your wife were fantastic! I will be listening again on the late show.

  3. Ivan Elgersma says

    Ivan says
    Fred And Tiffany, you two are so awesome, and watching you, Fred, grow through all the years, of your life, writing the songs that touch peoples hearts, that is a gift, you received, and keep up the great work, the Grand Ole Opry, was a great stepping stone that just shows how fantastic you and Miss Tiff really are…safe travels, keep sharing the songs that touch us all, ( it was so cool to be with you all at the at the Grande Ole Opry ) Thanks

  4. Ethan says

    I saw Fred and Tif in Danvers MA on my birthday in September. Great time. I downloaded the OPRY app and listened to the show. Because the Danvers show was so “intimate”, it was like listening to good friends on the Opry stage. Congratulations and can’t wait to see you again!

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