Fred Eaglesmith’s CBC Playlist

Fred shares some of his favourite songs with the listeners of CBC Music. He describes this playlist as sentimental and nostalgic – these songs are examples that were there for him in the early days of his career. Head on over to CBC Music to take a listen to Fred’s playlist!

Tracks on Fred’s Playlist:
“Lost my Driving Wheel” by David Wiffen
“High Ground” by David Essig
“Waltz of the Tennis Player” by Fraser and Debolt
“If You could read my Mind” by Gordon Lightfoot
“VW Van” by Owen Steel
“Anywhere” by Lynn Miles
“Simple Life” by Valdy
“Common Disaster” by Cowboy Junkies
“No Shirt, No Service” by Scott Merritt
“Country Squall” by Willie P. Bennett

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