Charity Picnic


We hope this message finds you well!

After careful consideration, we have regretfully decided to cancel the Annual Fred Eaglesmith Charity Picnic.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the staff, guests, artists, vendors and campfire-jammers for supporting us for 26 years and
leaving us with wonderful memories.

Stay safe.
The Eaglesmith Team


  1. Nancy says

    Oh NOOOOOOO. Our absolute favorite camping getaway every summer for the last 7 years before Covid hit. Insert sad face here. Sniff.

  2. Ryan says

    I sincerely hope everything is okay.

    I am so excited to hear Fred and Tiff play their music again.

    If and when they choose to do so.

    Pound for pound– Fred is my favourite Canadian musician.

    Somewhere a legion hall is missing one ingredient……

    Be safe

  3. Tom says

    I only heard of Fred this year. His song just happened to be playing in a restaurant. Being in New York I would have traveled to see him play in person. Sadly, it seems I may have been too late.

  4. George Douglas says

    The Fred Eaglesmith Charity Picnic changed my life. Thanks for the best festival it’s been my pleasure to attend for 22 years in a row. Love to all the performers, cooks, park staff, volunteers and everybody from Sawdust who put it on. It was pretty darn good.

  5. Jackie Brouwers says

    They say all good things must come to an end. I want to thank you all for putting this on for all those years. I will never forget all the great music, the campfire jams, and the wonderful feeling of comradery at every picnic.
    All the best to you all,

    • Mary says

      Hi Jeff,
      There’s nothing in the plans for touring at the moment. If there are any upcoming dates I will post
      them on the website for sure. Thanks for checking in.

  6. Alex says

    Oh man. We went for 10 years in a row (up until 2019 when we moved to the Maritimes). The best festival of all time, we even got to see Willie the first year we went. Many great times, sorry to hear it!!!

  7. Jill Hooker says

    So sorry to hear that there aren’t any tour dates planned. We would love to have Fred back at the Moose Lodge in Chatham

  8. Paul Greenley says

    I am moving to central Michigan from northern California in the coming months and have been very excited about the prospect of being able to see more of Fred more often than the handful of shows I’d take in when he came out west most every year.

    I hope he gets back on the road at some point but being just 6 months younger than Fred I image packing up and breaking down night after night, year after year takes its tool with all the associated wear and the tear that comes with a life on the road.


    • Mary says

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your kind words and for checking in . Yes ‘life on the road’ does take it’s toll. Fred is still creating music though
      and loves having the time to spend in his studio.
      Take care.

  9. Gus MacDonald says

    Please Fred and Tif go back on tour! We need some great music to lift our spirits after two years of none.

    • Mary says

      Hi Gus,
      Thanks for checking in. No promises about tour dates…Fred is spending lots of time in his studio so he’s still very busy
      creating music.
      Take care.

  10. Tammy says

    I know I should be grateful that I got to experience the picnic at all, but I just feel sad. I wish I had discovered it 20 years earlier. Thank you and Fred and your family for giving this to us. I’ll try to keep it in my heart but it’s getting so heavy now with all of the rest of the joys in life that are missing. I miss Fred. I hope you are all OK.

    • Mary says

      Hi Tammy,
      I’m sorry that you’re feeling sad. It was a tough decision to stop doing the picnic. Hope you can hang on to the memories of the picnics
      you’ve gone to.
      Take care.

  11. Rob says

    Fred’s music has been the soundtrack to many of my most formative and memorable moments. I would like to see him again but another album wouldn’t go amiss.

    All the best and stay safe.

    • Mary says

      Thank you for your kind words Rob. Fred has been in his recording studio working away – I’ll post any upcoming new cds on
      the website.
      Take care.

  12. Allen & Michele says

    We’re in Athens GA and just heard “Katie” playing in a coffee shop… made us feel good and we went to the website to check tour dates. Sorry to see Fred’s not touring, but we’ll really be looking forward to the new music. We have lots of good memories of shows in NC. Take Care everyone, Allen and Michele

    • Mary says

      Hi Allen and Michele,
      Thanks so much for your kind email. Love that you heard “Katie” playing in a coffee shop.
      Take care.

  13. Gary and Debra says

    Hi Everyone at Team Eaglesmith!
    Some nights when I can’t sleep, I think of the wonderful, wacky and wistful memories of the Picnic. Fred’s music has been the backdrop to our lives and with the amazing friends we made along the road, has carried us through so much over the past couple of decades. We can never thank you all enough! I could go on and on, but I won’t lol.
    A new record would be very welcome!!
    Bless you all and we hope our paths cross again soon,
    Gary and Debra

    • Mary says

      Hi Gary and Debra,
      Thank you so much for your kind email – that warms my heart 🙂 Yes, we have lots of wonderful memories as well.
      It’s been great seeing the same familiar faces year after year.
      Fred and Tif are busy working in their studio so there’s more music on the way.
      Take care.

  14. Larry Elder says

    I just wanted to wish everyone at your end a summer of good health and fond memories. Take care

  15. says

    Hi! We miss Fred in Ithaca, but can appreciate the need to have studio time. Despite the negatives of the pandemic, expansive creative studio time is always a plus.

    • Mary says

      Hi Treacy,
      Thanks for your kind note. Yes, having lots of studio time is a bonus.
      Take care and stay safe.

  16. Dottie and John says

    Fred et al.

    The only emotion that surpasses our disappointment in hearing this news is the appreciation that we have for all of the efforts that you-all have put yourselves through year after year to make the picnic happen. It is truly something special and so hard to put into words, at one level it is obviously about the great music, but it is oh so much more then music, it is such a great example of community and humanity. For one weekend each summer it let us dream of what perhaps our world could aspire to be. I could go on and on as to how month after month over the last couple of years that we have checked back in here just hoping perhaps that that we would find a concert date and maybe even a picnic announcement…it seems that nether is to be, it is understandable. I do hope you all know that what Fred and team have done has made such difference for more of us then you will likely ever know. Fred has made it personal, and he has made it matter. Thank you.

    • Mary says

      Hi Dottie and John,
      Thank you so much for your kind words – brought tears to my eyes. It was a hard decision to make – we know the picnic meant a lot to
      many people but I think it was time. It was a lot of work for our small team and it warms my heart to hear your appreciation.
      Take care.

  17. Mitch Nixon says

    Meeting Fred and Tiff, and listening to their music made my life better.
    Becoming their ‘merch guy’ was both an honour and a thrill.

    My 3 trips by motorcycle to attend the picnics on ’17, ’18, ’19, were so rewarding
    in many ways. Now I will need to come up with another reason to ride 4000km
    from Calgary to Ontario.

    Hopefully there will be the odd show here and there, in western Canada.

    – Cheers

    Mitch ‘the T-Shirty Guy’ also lazybusker @ instagram

    • Mary says

      Hi Mitch !
      Nice to hear from you. Yes, those were long bike rides.
      Hope all is well in your world.
      Take care.

  18. Ken & Candy MacDonald says

    Fred inspired and entertained us for the last 20 years,our hope is that he takes his time enjoys his life and continues to create the kind of music only he can.We will miss our Canadian friends from the picnic but no one can take those times from us and we look forward to seeing all of the Fred people out there somewhere on the road.Thank You Fred…thank you Mary.

    • Mary says

      Hi Ken & Candy,
      Thank you so much for your kind words – that means a lot. You’re so right –
      no one can take away the good memories.
      Take care.

  19. David Reed says

    I’ve been inspired and comforted by Fred’s music for many years, thanks to the magic of modern music transmission- and the occasional concert- I was looking forward to sharing the experience with hundreds of like minded people- sorry it seemed too daunting this year- hopes be , for 2023. Give Fred a break, shift the weight, to others who might step forward to let this tribute carry on- Fred is a continental ( global) treasure-Stop the picnics? Never!

  20. Jimmy Black says

    Maybe some day in a foreign land….the USA… we’ll revive a FRED PICNIC. a few portajohns a few hundred bucks to police …and a hot dog concession truck or 5.

  21. Justin Wells says

    Just saw my first Fred show at Timmermans Ranch in Nixon. I’m a relatively new Fred Head. Absolutely love Fred’s music and stories. Sad that I missed my chance to attend what sounds like an amazing weekend. But so grateful for the 1 I got. Clearly Fred still has the talent to tour but who can blame him. Plus, that rebellious streak that always makes him do things his way is one of the reasons I love him. Thank you all so much for the great show and I will definitely keep my ear to the ground for more shows should Fred feel the urge. Cheers

    • Mary says

      Hi Justin,
      Thanks for your kind email. I’m glad you got to see Fred at Timmermans Ranch.
      Take care.

  22. Brian Goodings says

    I taught Fred to roll a kayak at white squall in Nobel 30 plus years ago. I was already a huge fan of his music but my kids grew up listening to his songs and going to his concerts. We Never grow tired of singing his songs. I retired from my job as a united church minister this year and I guess Fred has semi retired too. Still one of my favourite musicians and I hold him up as high as John prine.

    • Mary says

      Hi Brian,
      Thanks so much for your email. Such sweet memories….Congratulations on your retirement !
      Fred did a show last Friday night with his new band – it was a great show. No plans for anymore shows
      at the moment though. I think he deserves a rest 🙂
      Take care.

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