Interactive Bus Tour

Welcome to the Interactive Bus Tour! Scroll to see each section of the bus and interact with the objects inside the bus. Below each section will include facts and information about the bus itself.

Fred Eaglesmith Bus

The make and model of this bus is a refurbished 1983 MCI MC-9.

Fred Eaglesmith Bus

Before the inside of the bus was re-purposed for touring, the passenger cab could seat anywhere between 43-49 passengers, including room for the bathroom.

Extra specifications of the bus:

  • Overall Length: 40 ft
  • Overall Width: 8 ft
  • Overall Height: Approximately 11 ft
  • Wheelbase: 285 in
  • Weight: 27,500 lb
  • Engine: Six cylinder DDC 6V-92TA two-cycle developing 277 HP at 2100 RPM
  • Transmission: Manual: Dana Model 8844A (four forward and one reverse)
  • Brakes: Service: Air operated two-shoe service brakes are installed at each axle
  • Clutch: Two plate dry disc type, 15″ diameter, with air assist (Dana 4-speed and Fuller 5-speed trans)
  • Electrical: 24 volt negative ground. (Front headlights – dual seal beam – 12 volt lamps)
  • Fuel Tank: 140 gallon capacity or 168.6 gallons with auxiliary
  • Suspension: Air ride type, which operates automatically and maintaines a constant ride height
  • Steering: Hydraulic – power steering is standard