Annual Charity Picnic August 2021


We hope this message finds you well!

After careful consideration, we have regretfully decided to cancel the Annual Fred Eaglesmith Charity Picnic, scheduled for August 2021 due to the current uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

The health and safety of our artists, guests and the park staff is always extremely important to us and has ultimately led us to make this decision. We do not feel that a gathering of this size is in the books for health and safety at this time.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the staff, guests, artists, vendors and campfire-jammers for always supporting us and showing us how a great festival can really bring people together!

We will miss seeing all of you this year!
The Eaglesmith Team


  1. Charlie Boswell & Tracy Rodriguez says

    We miss you!!! Please come back to Vermont. Park the bus any time you like in our Driveway! I’ll build a stage.

  2. Ray Wylie Price says

    Come host the event in Texas. Covid is defeated here. We’d love to see you and it will be safe for all. August will still be a little warm – maybe October or November.

  3. Terry and Joan Olaskey, Torrie and Jimmy McGann says

    We will greatly miss seeing and hearing you at your Charity Picnic this summer. However,
    we support your decision to cancel for this summer….. wow! think about how great 2022 will be!!!!
    We will definately have our 2nd annual Fred’s Picnic at Wasaga Beach on our lawn this August
    and will donate funds to a local food bank in your honour!

  4. Frank Ries says

    Come on Fred. We need music!
    Please consider doing a short notice show at Springwater in August. The crowd will show!

  5. Llama says

    We will definitely miss you Fred & Tif….
    For now we all have your timeless music to listen to.

    Cheers and stay safe and cool.


  6. duncan moyer says

    Looking forward to your next visit to northern California, it has been too long since you were last here.

  7. jbrobertson says

    so what do you think can you have the charity picnic in 2022 or is it to early to say thankz a fan

  8. Karel says

    We hope you are all doing well. We keep checking in and can’t wait to see you down our way again. There’s always a dog festival waiting for you anytime! Karel, Kim and the girls.

    • Mary says

      Hi Karel, Kim and girls,
      Thanks so much for checking in! We’re all doing well here – wish the same for you.

  9. Amber D says

    I just found your music, first was trucker speed- had it on repeat all the way from Mississauga to Halifax. Come home on your next tour! I would die to see you in concert <3 can’t find many artists like you in my generation, don’t know when I would have an opportunity for an amazing concert like that. Come out east! 🇨🇦

  10. Jamie Weisler says

    We are needing some charity picnic love and music. I see they are building a brand new band shell for you!! Any thoughts on this year?

    • Mary says

      Hi Jamie,
      Thanks for your note. Not sure yet what’s happening about a picnic this year…Take care.

  11. Rob Smith says

    Going through some serious Fred/Tif withdrawals! Last time I saw them was Sept/2019 in Montreal!…

    Oh well…… Someday Soon, gonna see them, Someday Soon.

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