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Make this Christmas a magical one!

Sometimes you're in the snow globe, sometimes you're shaking it!

10 years ago Fred & Tif were sitting in their home in Waterford, Ontario and wrote a Christmas song called ‘Cocktails with Santa’.

They then wrote a song called ‘Hound Dog Christmas Day’ and recorded it on an iPad with their 5 year old son Blue. Over the next decade they would continue to write Christmas songs for the “some day” record they hoped to make.

After 5,000 years of touring, Fred Eaglesmith & Tif Ginn, their son Blue and dog, Sunny, have settled down in a shack on the north shore of Lake Erie.

Finally, living in a home, as a family, it seemed only logical that they could record their Christmas album.

‘A Christmas Card’ is 11 original songs, recorded in their vintage home studio, on analog gear complete with mechanical reverbs – just as they would’ve done it so many years ago. The songs are less about the artists and more about the theme- it’s funny and fun and quirky. Just like Christmas!

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